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John Deere Parts Freight Policy
Machine Down Air Ordered Parts (next day*) will be subject to a minimum charge of $10.
Charge will vary depending on weight. Estimate $5/lb.
Ex. (1 lb piece = $15) (10 lb piece = $60)

Stock Ordered Parts (2-3 Days*) are Free Freight.
*Parts are in Grimbsy depot, if coming from US depot 2-3 days for MD, 3-4 days for SO.

****Parts ordered Machine Down will be subject to freight charges. Stock Ordered parts are free freight.****

Outside Supplier Parts Freight Policy
Special Ordered Parts from Suppliers outside John Deere will be subject to freight charges. Delivery time and charges will vary based on product size/weight as well as the location of the supplier.

Parts Shipped from Dealer to Customer
When requesting parts to be shipped from the dealer to customer additional charges for freight will apply.*
*Charge will vary based on distance, size and weight.